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A Four Seasons Fashion Store

The Name: BRASHhh

Meaning: Strong, powerful,tough, bold,uninhibited, fashion forward, distinct man, effortlessly stylish and noticeably different.  BRASHhh is the ultimate shopping experience, one stop shopping head to toe for all your needs.

BRASHhh is a Rehoboth Beach based menswear boutique founded in 2014.  Known for its razor sharp, regular and fit styles and it's well curated high quality items, we offer a wide range of premium brands from across the world.


Men's fashion, grooming, accessories, apothecary and gifts are our specialty.  A multi-brand concept shopping destination featuring eclectic styles and vintage pieces.  BRASHhh offers jackets and boots that add personality and persona to the shopping experience. l hand select every piece and each style that is available at BRASHhh.  l am always on look out for the next BIG thing, great idea, fun item, and the latest amazing trousers.  I look to find the jacket that you will not say no too.


Items are displayed in a artistic unique way throughout the store, using rustic row wood, metal and copper that is paired with new and vintage furniture. Mel's photography hangs beautifully on the wall, giving you a history of local life guards, portraits, landscaping and images of the beautiful Rehoboth Beach area. My goal is to bring pieces and brands that are unique and distinctive and exclusive to the area, giving my customers something they don't see around.


Some of the Brands offer small batch manufacturing and limited editions, with each garment listing the number of units made per style.  One of our featured  brands is Descendant of Thieves. I hope to inspire and encourage men, women and everyone in general, to be BRASHhh!  It is a great feeling and don't be afraid or intimidated of wearing something you love. In the same note, we understand that men prefer shopping for curated looks over individual products, and that's where we come in.  Shop our beautiful lines and brand name products that we have put together, and find the look you need.

I always loved photography and have been shooting photographs for many years now. I do a lot of landscaping photography, travel and portraits. Art should move you, whether it's a novel, performance, painting or photographs.


Photography to me is intuitive process, when I shoot something it is because an object or a setting got my attention, and I feel I should shoot it the way I see it to express my vision as an artist.


While owning and managing The Coffee Mill and BraShhh

(where my gallery is) I render my time between my business and love for Photography workshops and such. Many of my works are displayed for viewing and purchasing at The Coffee Mill and Brashhh. Click the link to visit my photography website.


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