You are looking at the ultimate in comfort and sophistication. I know some of you like to stretch the truth, so it’s fitting that your clothes stretch with you. Wear the blazer alone or kill the look by matching it up with the pant... But be clear, you will not be the stuffy uptight guy in a suit with this item.  One thing for sure is that you'll thank us for how good it feels on.  


  • Versatile collar - wear it up as a jacket, or down as a blazer
  • Concealed 'Hunting Game Pocket' with button closure
  • Waist pockets with flaps that can be tucked in and hidden
  • ‘Pull out’ pocket bag that converts to a pocket square
  • 75 polyester, 25% rayon
  • 105 units made (# listed on inside label)


This modern jacket is carefully tailored slim and slightly cropped.

Maintains tailored appearance even when not perfectly pressed.

Model is wearing Size Medium. Height: 6' 1"

Descendant of Thieves Blazer